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At Hot House Glass, we spend each day exploring the limitless possibilities of our medium.

All while trying to avoid setting ourselves on fire. 

Just Ordinary Guys


Brett holds an M.B.A. from BGSU (still waiting for its rightful owner to claim it) and lives with his wife Kelli, son Jason, and daughter Addie on a farm adjacent to the Hot House studio. The kids rarely want for things to roll around the floor. 



Larry earned his B.F.A. at Bowling Green and still lives there to be near emergency medical care. When not bandaging his fingers, he shares his precious off hours with his wife Marian and their two daughters, Frances and Sasha. 

Living A Dream, Dangerously

Launched in 1995, and still located just outside Bowling Green, Ohio, Hot House Glass presents the unique work and combined talents of glassmakers Larry Zengel and Brett Young. The pair started to work together when they discovered they shared the same middle name: Danger.


Looking for any excuse to burn things, Larry and Brett both studied in the acclaimed glass program at Bowling Green State University's School of Art in the late 1980’s. In 2003, after more than a decade of splitting their time between other shops and their own projects, hopes turned into reality, and Hot House Glass became a full-time business.


Like many artists, not long after they hung their shingle, they were forced to leave town. Well, not forced, really, but chasing your dreams requires hitting the road. So they offer their work in person, wherever great glass art is loved.


Today you'll find Hot House at many of the best art fairs and marble events in the country. Just take a look at our schedule to find out what town we're burning down next. 


Of course, you can find great glass right here at our site, too... 


Take a stroll through our unbreakable online gallery.


But, watch out, items may be warm to the touch.



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